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The New Unesco Chair

Roberto Lent


On January 24, the world celebrates (or should celebrate...) the International Education Day. This is the opportunity to always resound the arguments about the need of educating mankind, so that prosperity comes egalitarian for all, violence and wars cease, honesty predominates over the “small corruption” of everyday life, and creativity and competence progress together at work and in the economy. Skeptics will say that all this is an illusion, a vain and unrealizable hope. Mathematicians perhaps will console me, arguing that goals and plans are always similar to a mathematical limit, that point in infinity to which we get closer and closer, never reaching it. The fact is that Education is necessary to all peoples, we know. And that many of its goals that seem unreachable right now, may become closer, mainly if international cooperation takes place along the process.

Tutoria de matemática


Learn mathematics,
that's the question
Online event
Time: 12 pm to 1:30 pm (GMT-3)
Speakers: Alejandro Maiche and Izabel Hazin

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